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Mutiny ! And a new challenge... [Apr. 4th, 2004|10:31 am]
[mood |predatory]

Aye, avast ! It's me, piratey_thing, and I'm takin' over this vessel. That's right, it's a mutiny. I've put Cunien ashore on a god-forsaken deserted island with nothin' but a pen with a single ink cartridge. Ye won't be readin' any more fan fiction from her for a while. * evil, piratey grin *

Ok, now that I've gotten your attention, the truth is that Cunien is off to New Zealand for ten weeks. * pauses to let the inevitable jealousy subside * Yeah, lucky girl. So, while the Captain's away, the crew will, I hope, continue to play.

Here's this week's challenge, inspired by Spring Break here in the USA:

Send one or more of the crew of the Black Pearl ashore for some R & R. The genre can be humourous, angst-ridden, whatever you like.

10 points for incorporating Spring Break mayhem into the story - you know, chugging, drinking games, spin the bottle, whatever. The cheesier the better, IMHO.

10 points for refraining from incorporating the afore-mentioned cheesiness. See, you can't lose with this challenge.

25 points for including one of the nameless crew members - you know, the old guy, or the midget guy, or the redhead - give 'em a name and a bit of character development.

100,000 points for simply answering this challenge, or, as always, answering or continuing on with one of the previous challenges.

By now you may have guessed that the points don't matter. * grin * Anyway, comments welcomed, suggestions, new challenge ideas, threats of mutiny, anything you like...post 'em here as a comment, or click on my user-name (piratey_thing) or you can even email me if you like: (carolyn_mcneal@hotmail.com)

Not an official member ? That's Ok, I wasn't either until yesterday ! Join up or just post your response.

Thanks much !

From: savvylicious01
2004-04-13 03:14 pm (UTC)


I was wonderin' something.....if we think of challenge ideas, can we just go ahead and post them, or do we need to check with you (or Cunien, when she comes back) before we post them? Just wondering.

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From: piratey_thing
2004-04-13 03:54 pm (UTC)

Re: Question

Go ahead and post 'em. When Cunien comes back you can ask her what her guidelines are, but for now, knock yourself out ! * grin * If you have a challenge idea or two, by all means, post 'em ! Thanks.
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