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Ahoy [Jan. 16th, 2004|01:21 am]


[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Okay, so here it is! Lot's needs to be done - I'm going to change the colours and mess around a bit - suggestions will be most welcome as I don't know what to do, basically! I'll probably do more tomorrow night, but right now it is 10 past 1 am and I am nackered!

To begin with, you cannot post here unless you are a member, and I think you have to be a livejournal user for that. It's really easy to join up, believe me, if I can do it anyone can. You can get a free account, like I have, which is pretty nifty, and allows you your own livejournal and the chance to join spiffing communities like this!

Quick rules round up - Pirates code: no off topic posts here - if you want to post anything other than a fic then it will have to be in comment to an already exsisting post.
- I will try and post a challenge every other Sunday, providing life doesn't get in the way - email me if you have any suggestions or ideas for one.
- If you are not happy with anything I am doing and want to have your say go straight ahead and email me, please. This is a community and everyone should have a say it what happens. In the words of Cap'n Jack Sparrow, "I can't sail this ship into Tortuga all on me onesie."! Haha! first quote of the community!

Ok, so how does this sound? Want to yell at me? Across cyberspace at least - email me!

P.S - you can comment on this post even if you are not a livejournal memeber. I think

From: piratey_thing
2004-01-16 09:57 pm (UTC)

Um, yay, I think.

Ok, I think I'm logged in. No, this was not as easy as it looked. I'm Rae, by the way. Looks great so far, looking forward to the first challenge. Thanks, bye-ee !
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