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Tales from the Topshrouds

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Welcome! This is a reccs and fic challenge community for any of Tortuga's finest rapscallions, bad eggs, knaves and fanfic writers! Feel free to join and rec and write, or just lurk and watch the considerable lack of action.

Here's the Pirate's Code:

* no off-topic posts, save that for comments.

* no rudeness and downright mean comments or fic
reviews. We're Loveable Rogues, not bad

* Fics to be posted in an lj-cut (email me if you
don't know how).

* In the actual post, before the lj-cut, write
your fics title, pairing if any, rating,
warning if needed, and summary if you can be

* Feel free to post a fic even if the challenge
has been and gone. Make it clear which
challenge you are responding to at the
beginning of the post though.

* Slash or het is fine, just make sure there's a
warning before your fic, as one man's rum is
another man's grog.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Have fun!